Inspiring Lifestyle Businesses

Inspiring Lifestyle Businesses

"Lifestyle businesses" are often stigmatized as small-minded. But I think they're hidden gems! These are businesses that have found a way to be profitable while remaining small.

They often have interesting origin stories and allow their founders to enjoy a great lifestyle. I've been collecting these stories for years, so if you come across any, I'd love to hear from you.

Here are some examples of 1-3 person companies doing over $1 million in revenue:

NomadList + RemoteOK
Revenue: >$2M/yr
Pieter Levels made a website for digital nomads to find their next optimal travel destination. With that audience, he built a remote job board. Source: Twitter

Revenue: >$20M/yr
Kate Kim makes personalized name pendant jewlery on Etsy. Source: Etsy

Revenue: >$1M/yr
Ivan Kutskir built an website that mimics the core functionality of Photoshop. None of the files are stored on his servers so it keeps costs low. Source: Interview

Revenue: >$1.3M/yr

Garth Adams coded a site that lets you compare flights in Australia. Source: Interview
Revenue: >$1.5M/yr
Mike Carson built a service to find high quality .io domains that are about to expire.
Source: Interview

Revenue: >$14M/yr
Gary Brewer built a site that compiles lists of websites that use specific technology like web hosting or CMS systems. These lists are a great asset for sales teams to gain insight.
Source: Twitter

Revenue: >$1.5M/yr
Brett runs a one person design agency with recurring clients.
Source: Twitter